Do you want to move to a land, where people are friendly and healthcare is free? Then off course Canada is the place to be. But before, know the eligible aspects required for your future home.



Applicant must be minimum 18 years old. If below 18 years of age then parent, adoptive parent or legal guardian or single parent of that child must be a Canadian citizen or should apply to become a Canadian citizen during the time.


There are 2 official languages in Canada, English and French. So it is required from the applicant to show their basic skills in any one of these. Also applicant must have supporting document/certificates to prove their claim in languages.

Permanent Resident

In order to apply one must be a permanent resident (PR) of Canada, with full confirmation to its status. Meaning the PR status must not be under any review or put on hold for reasons like fraud, revoked or so.

Stay Period

Applicant must have stayed in Canada as PR for a minimum of 1,095 days during 5 years before applying for citizenship. This requirement does not apply to underage applicants. Also exceptions are applicable to Crown servants along with their family members.

Tax Returns

Applicant must show proof to have paid all income tax obligations in 3 taxation years in full or part payments within 5 years before applying for citizenship.

Intention to Live

Applicant must show their desire to reside in Canada or why to work outside Canada as a Crown servant or to live abroad along with their family members.


Applicant must be aware about the fundamental rights, responsibilities and privileges of Canadian citizenship. Like following the law and voting in elections. Besides, applicant must have general understanding on Canada’s history, values, institutions and symbols, as this helps you during your interview with concerned representatives.

No Criminal Record

Applicants with a criminal background inside or outside Canada are not eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Former Citizens

Former Canadian citizens who wish to get back their Canadian citizenship need to undergo the same requirements as above stated, but are ineligible to apply for the same if their citizenship got prohibited or taken away or so.

Adopted Child from Other Countries

The adopted person is eligible for a direct grant of Canadian citizenship proving he/she has at least single adoptive parent/guardian who is a Canadian citizen.

For adopted children less than and over 18 years of age then reason of adoption must first show their best interests. It means the primary reason for adoption is not just to have a Canadian citizenship. But that it complies with international adoption laws, which states the adopted ones can move to a new place only if they will receive a caring environment for good growth.