Located in western part of Canada with welcoming warm summers and cold winters, Alberta is a land noted for spectacular opportunity, beauty, healthy environment, lively community, strong diversity & economy, also it is the popular 3 prairie provinces of Canada.
Strategic Recruitment
Self Employed Farmer
Strategic Recruitment stream is applicable for those desiring to work & live permanently in Alberta.
Provide Alberta trade Certificates.
Provide valid work permit as applicable.
Work experience when applying as Engineer/Designer/Drafter.
Educational qualifications from educational institute attended in Alberta.
Must be language proficient when falling into NOC ‘C’.
Show intention to stay in Alberta.
Employer Driven stream is for applicant whose employer nominates them to work in their respective firms.
Must be Canadian university graduate.
Show valid work permit.
Intention to stay in Alberta.
Self Employed Farmer stream applies to those who want to buy land & do farming practices.
Relevant agricultural qualification & experiences.
Able to show min. $500,000 CAD.
Minimum language skills in English/French.

British Columbia

The BC Provincial Nominee Program requires skills & experience of foreign nationals to apply for Canadian PR.
Skills Immigration (including Express Entry British Columbia) _ eligible in their respective field with several years of experience.
Entrepreneur Immigration_ eligible to set up own business unit with investment funds & can be nominated for PR.
Applicants to settle must have full time job offer from a BC employer under National Occupational Classification skill level (0, A or B).
Applicants must work as per regulatory, registration, and licensing requirements of their respective occupation in BC.
Good level of education.
Minimum 2 years of related work experience.
Must prove that applicants can support self, family/dependent, business.
Must have minimum language proficiency.
Applicants who intend to apply under British Columbia PNP should have been offered wages comparable to BC labor standards.


The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is for qualified skilled workers who are assessed on points based system.
Skilled Worker Immigration
Business Immigration
Modern Community Driven Immigration
Minimum score of 60 out of 100.
Authorized documents (IDs/academic/marriage certificates/dependent info/.health/ police record/fund proof).
Minimum 2 years work experience in related field.
5 IELTS test scores not more than 2 years old.
Intention to settle in Manitoba.
Mention relative/friend connection with those staying in Manitoba.

NewFoundLand and Labrador

The Newfoundland and Labrador Immigration program is suited for applicants with experienced skills as required by the land diverse in culture with great booming economy due to presence of its energy and natural resources.
Express Entry Skilled Worker
Skilled Worker
International Graduate
Express Entry Skilled Worker stream allows applicants/skilled workers with employment offers selected from the wide Express Entry pool.
Valid Express Entry key code via (IRCC) Express Entry pool.
Full time job offer matching NOC level 0, A, or B.
Job offer must not be in a bargaining unit or labor dispute unit.
Valid work permit or have applied for one.
Education credential of Canadian post secondary degree/diploma/educational credential assessment (ECA) report.
State genuine intention to settle here.
Language test with good score.
Scored a minimum 67 points out of 100 as per assessment levels.
Skilled Worker category selects only those applications with permanent & guaranteed employment offer. Those currently employed in Newfoundland and Labrador is authorized to apply.
Full time job offer involving salary/benefits package as per provincial employment standards.
Job offer must not be in a bargaining unit or labor dispute unit.
Valid work permit or in process to apply one.
State the intention to settle here.
Show sufficient funds.
Proficiency in English or French apart from NOC level C and D occupations that must meet minimum language acceptance.
International Graduate category selects graduates of authorized Canadian post secondary institutions who are residing here on Post-Graduate Work Permit.
Graduated from recognized Canadian college or university.
1 year work experience in related field required post completion of studies before applying.
Full time job offer in related field of study.
Legal status/work permits from IRCC.
Show intention to settle in the province.
Show sufficient funds to live here.
Proficiency proof of English or French test apart from workers in NOC level C and D meeting minimum language requirements.

NorthWest Territories

NWT offers great opportunities to applicants become part of Canada with their professional skills and experience.
Skilled Worker
Critical Impact Worker
Entrepreneur Business
Skilled Worker
Permanent full time job offer in NOC occupation of A, B, or 0.
Certification or accreditation for occupation to work.
Have a license or be accepted by the Territorial body governing the occupation or trade, if applicable;
Not a refugee applicant.
Employer registered with operating for min. 1 year.
Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
Compensation given for job that fit with local wage standards.
Critical Impact Worker
Permanent full time job offer in sector/ occupation that falls in level NOC C or D.
Temporary works permit with 6 months work experience here.
Proof of financial fund support.
Not a refugee applicant.
Employer is registered & doing business for min.6 months.
Hired a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
Wage given is equal with local standards.
Entrepreneur Business
State proposal to invest in business.
Minimum investment of $300,000 CAD in the Yellowknife area or min. $150,000 CAD outside the Yellowknife area on business.
Minimum personal net worth of $500,000 CAD inside Yellowknife area or minimum net worth of $250,000 CAD outside the Yellowknife area.
Good experience & education to work the business plan.
Understanding of Northwest Territories economy.

Nova Scotia

The NSNP accepts applications from skilled immigrants and allows their family to work & pave way to achieve Canadian PR.
Nova Scotia Demand Express Entry
Nova Scotia Experience Express Entry
Skilled Worker
International Graduate Entrepreneur
Nova Scotia Demand Express Entry
Must have educational diploma/certificate with its assessment done.
Minimum1 year of work experience paid for full time or part-time of 6 years that equals NOC skill (O, A or B).
Language proficiency score of 7 CLB.
Need score of 67 out of 100 points.
Nova Scotia Experience Express Entry
Applicants must qualify to enter federal Express Entry pool of following 3 immigration programs.
Federal Skilled Worker
Federal Skilled Tradesman
Canadian Experience Class
Must be aged between 22 – 55 years.
Minimum1 year of work experience paid for full time or part-time of 6 years that equals NOC skill (O, A or B).
Valid Nova Scotia works permit.
Completed secondary or post-secondary education. If pursued outside Canada then credential must be from recognized institution/authority.
Provide language proficiency good score skills in English/French.
Must have submitted application for Express Entry pool.
Intention to work & settle in Nova Scotia.
Nova Scotia Skilled Worker Program
Here foreign skilled, semi-skilled & low-skilled applicants can apply under following experience.
Highly skilled work experience that falls in level O, A or B.
Semi-skilled applicant that falls in NOC ‘C’ category with 6 months of experience from a Nova Scotia employer.
Low skilled applicant that fall in NOC level D and have expected to work with Nova Scotia employer for minimum 6 months.
Applicant age between 21 – 55 years.
Must submit proof of legal status of Nova Scotia. If applicant is outside Canada, then must legal status of resident country.
Submit job offer letter from Nova Scotia employer.
Completed high school level education.
Must have training and licensing certifications as the job demands.
Language proficiency score of CLB-5 or more in English/French.
Show intention to work & settle here.
Proof of funds.
Employer must be PR from Nova Scotia & worked in Nova Scotia for minimum 6 months
Employer must offer fulltime permanent job with salary/ benefits as per provincial employment standards/wage rates.
Employer must have work history of good practices complying with all laws & regulations.

Entrepreneur Stream
This is for individuals who want to invest and establish themselves in Nova Scotia. Experienced applicants are provided 1 year work permit to promote their business activities via Expression of Interest (EOI).
Applicant age must be minimum 21 years.
Minimum fund $600,000 CAD in business & personal assets.
Minimum capital investment of $ 50,000 CAD to start their venture.
Language score CLB 5.0 in English/French.
Educated from Canadian High School or equivalent qualification from recognized institution /authority.
State the intention of living in Nova Scotia.
Business entrepreneur must have min. 33.33% business share with regular participation in day to day management activities.
Business must be profit oriented like sale of goods/services.
Must have 1 fulltime recruit of Canada or permanent resident directly involved in business.
Business must comply with existing provincial pay standards.
International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
This category is for international graduates who intend to settle permanently in Nova Scotia while owning/managing business on basis of their EOI.
Minimum 21 years of age.
Applicants with completed post-secondary 2 years Diploma at Nova Scotia University/Community College.
Experience of operating a business for a year before submitting EOI.
Proficient in English/French with score of CLB 7.0.
Have total equity in business with participation in day to day business affairs.
Business must comply with Low Income Cut off (LICO) compensatory measure.
Business must be profit oriented like sale of goods/services.
Must contribute to economic development of Nova Scotia.
Able to employ 1 full time Canadian citizen or permanent resident directly involved in business.
State the interest to work/settle in Nova Scotia.


The Ontario Immigrant Nominee targets foreign skilled workers in the Express Entry pool.
Ontario Express Entry
Human capital priority
French-speaking skilled worker
Employer Category
Foreign workers with job offer
International Student Category
Have job offer
Master graduate
PhD graduate
Business Category
Score of minimum 400 points under CRS.
Full time job offer in NOC levels 0, A, or B.
Minimum qualification certificate/ Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, PhD Degree diploma.
Must have an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report.
Minimum 3 year experience in respective occupational field.
Score of 7 CLB in language proficiency.
Intention to live in Ontario.

Prince Edward Island(PEI)

Prince Edward Island welcomes immigrants wanting to settle permanently here, especially entrepreneurs & skilled workers who perfectly fit for PEI labor market.
PEI PNP Express Entry
Labor Impact
Business Impact
PEI PNP Express Entry applicants must be eligible under following Federal Economic Immigration Programs that match current identified labor needs.
Federal Skilled Worker Program
Federal Skilled Trades Program
Canadian Experience Class
Labor Impact accepts experience skilled applicants under following streams.
Skilled worker stream is for applicants who are hired by PEI employer & must be currently working in PEI or have job offer.
Critical worker stream is for workers who are hired by PEI employer who want to sponsor them for PR.
International graduate stream is for recent graduates of Prince Edward Island universities already hired by PEI employer.
Business Impact considers application who wish to invest & can actively manage business in PEI under below streams.

Ownership Stream is for individuals who will have full ownership of their new business or the business purchased here.
Partial Ownership is for individuals who’ll own minimum 33.33 percent of business or make an investment of $1,000,000 CAD.
Work Permit allows applicants who want to invest in business so to receive provincial nomination. Also they are expected to work here to know about the business they want to invest.


The Saskatchewan Immigrant Program is a prospective for skilled & experienced immigrants who later can apply for Canadian PR.
International Skilled Worker for applicants with skilled working experience, good education & qualities suited to live here.
Saskatchewan Experience for those who are residing & working in Saskatchewan area for minimum 6 months under valid work permit.
Entrepreneur & Farm for applicants wanting to start own business or do farming work in Saskatchewan province.
Must have legal proof/status if currently residing in Canada.
Minimum language score of 4 CLB.
Must have completed minimum 1 year of post secondary education or training equal to the Canadian educational standards.
Must have minimum 1year paid work experience related to their field of education or training in NOC levels (0, A, or B).
Must provide proof/licensure if applicant profession requires mandatory Saskatchewan licensing.
Must show settlement funds & desired stay intention.
Score of minimum 60 points out of 100.


The Yukon Nominee Program is designed to support its labor market with fast pace opportunities for foreigners seeking long term stable employment.
Express Entry
Skilled Worker
Critical Impact Worker
Business Nominee
Express Entry applicants can apply on basis of Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, or the Canadian Experience Class.
Have a job seeker validation code received via online application.
Proof of funds to settle themselves & family/dependents.
Valid full time permanent job offer from Yukon employer.
State the intention to settle & work.
Skilled Worker allows Yukon employers to sponsor foreign skilled workers to get PR.
Education & work experience as per NOC Skill Level 0, A, or B.
Minimum 1 year of related work experience.
Valid work/study permits as per program/diploma chosen.
Yukon employers must be Canadian PRs recognized by government body in Yukon.
Yukon employers must comply with territorial labor standards.
Employers must provide foreign applicants free of charge, health insurance while working.
Employer’s job to foreign applicant must be equal to current wages in Yukon.
Employer must pay for travel cost (incoming/return) of applicant coming to Yukon from his or her resident country, but not pay for family members/dependents travel.
Critical Impact Worker stream is available for sponsored experienced semi-skilled or unskilled occupations.
Possess education minimum acceptable level of education is a high school diploma.
Minimum 6 months work experience that match NOC skill level.
Have valid work/study permit throughout the YNP application assessment process.
Meet sufficient English or French language proficiency as per IELTS/TEF test.
Employers must be Permanent Residents with their registered business operating in Yukon for at least 1 year meeting labor standards.
Employers must pay applicants interview travel cost (incoming/return) to come to Yukon. (not pay travel cost of accompanying family/dependents)
Employers must offer free of charge health insurance or government health benefits to chosen applicant.
Business Nominee is for individuals who have business experience & want to start a new business or purchase/partner an existing business in Yukon.
Scored 65 points on Nominee Assessment Grid.
Scored language level 6 in IELTS or 4 in TEF.
Minimum 5 years of related entrepreneurial or business management experience.
Minimum legal investment of $500,000 in business & show min. $300,000 CAD in liquid assets (cash, bonds, cash derivatives etc.)
State intention to avail Yukon residency & why to operate business.Gutentor Simple Text


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